TechRepublic recently put together a nice list of Windows Vista myths and we’ve narrowed that list down to just five. View all after the jump.

5. You have to buy a Premium version of Vista if you have a dual core machine

In fact, all versions of Vista will run on a machine with multiple processors installed–but Home Basic and Premium will recognize and use only one of the processors

4. You can’t dual boot Vista with another operating system

One of the strangest and most inaccurate statements I heard was that “With Vista, you can’t run two operating systems on the same computer like you could in the past.” That’s news to me, as I’m currently running two computers that dual boot Vista and XP. As with previous versions, a boot menu is displayed when the computer starts, and you can choose either Vista or Previous version of Windows

3. Vista will solve all your security problems

Because much of operating system, including its networking technologies, has been redesigned and new code written, Vista is likely to present some vulnerabilities that weren’t in older versions of the OS even as it fixes many that were. This is true of any new software and Vista, despite its focus on security and Microsoft’s best efforts, is no exception

2. Vista requires (or includes) Office 2007

Also, contrary to the rumor that Microsoft made Vista so open source competitors of its office products won’t run on it, I had no problems at all installing and running Open Office, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office

1. You’ll have to buy a new, high-end PC to run Vista

If your computer is older or a low-end machine, you can still probably install and use Vista but you may not get the Aero Glass interface. Although Glass adds a lot of “wow” factor, it’s not something that’s essential to getting work done

[via TechRepublic]

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