TransAsia Plane Crash

TransAsia Airways announced that one of their planes with 58 passengers and crew on board crashed into Keelung River shortly after taking off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday, killing at least 23 people and leaving two dozen missing. Currently there are 15 known people survivors, including a small child, after the plane lurched between buildings, clipped an overpass with its port-side wing and crashed upside down in the shallow water. Continue reading for a video of the survivors and wreckage.

The last communication received from one of the aircraft’s pilots was “Mayday Mayday engine flameout” – a flameout occurs when the fuel supply to the engine is interrupted or when there is faulty combustion, resulting in an engine failure. This plane was powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW127M engines and twin-engined aircraft are usually able to keep flying even when one engine has failed.

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