Finally, summer is here (for some of us) and that means road trips. Van owners rejoice! With the QUQUQ, you can transform a regular passenger vehicle into a fully equipped camper for two in just one minute. The chest unit features a built-in kitchen, storage space, and a front panel that swings open to act as a countertop or table. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

It’s essentially a 132-lb (60-kg), rectangular chest that two people can easily carry and lift into the back of a compatible van. The 43 x 30-inch (110 x 75-cm) camping box fits in the back of the van with the rear seats up, leaving room for transporting passengers or stowing extra camping gear. Removing the rear seats altogether provides storage space below the extended bed.

The three-piece folding foam bed atop the wood chest folds out into a 43 x 77 x 4-inch (110 x 195 x 10-cm) mattress for two in seconds. Two ropes tie around the seatbelt mounting points and support the front of the bed.


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