3D-Printed Hogwarts Medieval Castle
Many 3D printers cost less than a new smartphone these days, but what can the high-end machines do? Well, Trideo3D recently spent 260-hours printing a Hogwarts-inspired medieval castle that wouldn’t look out of place in a movie if it were properly painted. The layered structure of all Additive Manufacturing processes unfortunately leads to a strain-stepping effect on part surfaces which are curved or tilted in respect to the building platform, but some printable polymers such as ABS, allow the surface finish to be smoothed and improved using chemical vapor processes based on acetone or similar solvents. Read more for a video and additional information.

However, there are some additive manufacturing techniques capable of using multiple materials in the course of constructing parts, thus enabling one to print in multiple colors and color combinations simultaneously. Even before companies started 3D-printing castles, the technology has already been used to prototype and manufacture the Vapor Laser Talon football shoe as well as custom New Balance shoes for athletes.

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