UK Solar Power Plant Space 2035 Energy
The UK has plans to build a solar power plant in space and it could have a demonstrator in orbit by 2035. London’s Space Energy Initiative wants to make this a reality since solar-based energy has very low environmental footprint and needs only modest infrastructure on Earth, either on land or coastal areas, while generating large scale electricity at minimal cost.

UK Solar Power Plant Space 2035 Energy
This new Solar Energy Initiative project brings together 50 organizations across industry sectors, government and academia, and agencies, which, when collaborating together, can muster greater knowledge, technologies as well as skills. Some of these organizations include Airbus, Cambridge University and satellite maker SSTL. Who knows? This power plant may even be able to take advantage of massive solar flares.

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We all recognize the urgent need to think big and act now to reduce our reliance on carbon fuels to better protect the environment and our precious climate, while also increasing high-tech jobs and growth. I am delighted as Chair of the Advisory Board to witness for myself the commitment from every member of the Space Energy Initiative,” said Mark Garnier, British Member of Parliament.

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