Pyrofer used a uP (microprocessor) to create 3D graphics on a 128×128 LCD display. Videos after the jump.

…the end goal is a full filled 3D object that can move offscreen in some sort of Elite style dogfight. I’d love to write a whole elite game, this LCD isnt fast enough though because it uses a serial interface (rs232) to send commands

[via Make]

Video 1

The analogue input (2 axis) allows me to move or rotate the object as required by hand and will form the basis of the end game controls. A fire button is needed

Video 2

Here is the video of me controlling the cube with a 3axis (z not used yet) accelerometer. Tilting it in either x or y axis makes the cube move that way. Next is the z axis, but its kinda hard to “tilt” the thing in the z axis

Video 3

Here is the video of the controller doing rotation instead of location. Its pretty trippy watching the cube mirror your control of the physical object

Video 4

Ok, Was bored with a cube, so made an Elite Spaceship

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