H-O-R-S-E may seem like a straightforward game, but in reality, you could use gadgets like a shovel, tricycle, and more to make the shots a bit tougher on your opponent. Video after the jump. For those not familiar with the game, read below:

The object is to not accrue the five letters in the word HORSE. With 2 players competing, player #1 is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court and, if he makes the shot, then player #2 must duplicate the same shot from the same position. If player #2 misses, he receives the first “letter” from the word “horse” (in this case – an “H”). However, if player #1 misses his original shot; then player #2 is now free to shoot from anywhere on the court and, hopefully, force player #1 to try and duplicate his made shots. A player is knocked out of the game once he has enough letters to spell out the word “horse.”