Photo credit: Allen Wong

It’s not everyday that you come across a Lamborghini Aventador owner, much less one owned by a self-made millionaire still in his mid 20s. Meet Allen Wong, author of Lifehacked. He’s the mastermind behind hit apps 5-0 Radio and Police Scanner+, which have both remained in the top 10 App Store charts for years. Recently, he used his supercar to take one of his less fortunate neighbors out for a ride of a lifetime. Continue reading for our review of the book and the video.


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I’ve had this neighbor for many years when I was living in a poorer neighborhood. And I had moved to Florida a few years ago after I made my fortune. I came back to my hometown for a visit a few months ago, and I brought my Lamborghini with me. I saw an opportunity to make the kid’s day much brighter, and I took it.

Lifehacked Interview + Review

Lifehacked is not just a motivational book, but one that details the life of someone who grew up in the slums and overcame many tragedies before making it big. You won’t find chapters in this book, but rather numerous “lifehacks”. For example there are lifehacks that cover how to market and monetize your apps, all the way to creating your own opportunities rather than waiting around. One thing’s for sure, the sky is the limit, and for Allen Wong, an Azure Blue Lamborghini Aventador was just icing on the cake. We highly recommend you check out this book, as it’s a very enjoyable read to say the least.