Lamborghini Speedboat

Photo credit: Lambo Cars

Priced at $1.3-million, this Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster Limited Edition-inspired speedboat is 48 feet long and powered by a pair of twin-turbo Mercury Racing 1350 engines that produces a mind-boggling 2700-horsepower with a top speed of about 186mph (300km/h). It’s currently being showcased at Supercar Week 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy one anytime soon, even if Facebook decided to snatch up your company for billions, because this is a one-off model created by Miami restaurant mogul Gino Gargiulo. Continue reading for a video.

“The Raging Bull cost Garigulo $1.3 million. Worth it? Totally worth it. I mean, if you’re rich and you live in Miami, you’ve gotta have a boat, right? I think it’s a city ordinance. Gargiulo told CNN he’s done this before with a Mercedes-inspired boat back in 2007, but has been dreaming of doing this Lamboat for years. He showed his creation off in April at the Miami Boat Show, which I can only imagine is like the nautical version of the Geneva Motor Show,” reports Jalopnik.