If you’re able to build a custom War Machine suit that looks better than the real thing, then you know it’s time to consider working for a special effects company as a costume designer. Continue reading to see PopSci reader Anthony Le’s amazing creation.


A lifelong Iron Man fan, Anthony made his dream a reality when he built a custom Iron Man suit for the first movie’s premier in 2008. This time around, Mr. Le — a fitness consultant during the day — decided to go with War Machine because “it just looks more hardcore”. He spent approximately 1-month and $4,000 building this amazing replica using just sketches found on the internet.

The armor itself was constructed with high-impact urethane, with a liquid resin / clay helmet mold for the helmet. PVC pipes and other materials picked up at a local hardware store was used for the shoulder-mounted machine gun. That’s not all, a hands-free button enables the motorized faceplate to come down by pointing his arm forward, which causes his chest to press against the button.