Finally, we get some real information on the Xbox 720, direct from Microsoft. These leaked documents allegedly reveal the next-generation Xbox, Kinect 2, virtual reality glasses (codenamed “Fortaleza”) and Microsoft’s vision for living rooms all over the world in the next four years. Continue reading to see more (click the magnification icon to view full-sized images).

The document goes several steps further, however. Running on a Windows 8 foundation, the new box aims to be even more of a living room staple than the current Xbox console, allowing users to record TV content in the background like a DVR. It also details improvements to Microsoft’s Kinect camera system: better accuracy, improved voice recognition, and support for motion tracking for up to four players.

That’s not all for Kinect. Initially spotted in May by Nukezilla, the alleged roadmap discusses a “glasses for Kinect” initiative called “Project Fortaleza,” a pair of Wifi-enabled, augmented reality glasses, according to the document. Marked for a 2014 launch, they would allegedly be radio/4G-based mobile devices that users could take with them, much like Google’s Project Glass. Via Xbox Live, the document says, the glasses would offer “real-time information on people, places and objects.”

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