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So, you've checked out the strangest Lay's flavors, weirdest Doritos flavors, Pepsi flavors, weirdest Pizza Hut items, and strangest Pringles flavors from around the world. Now we bring you the eighteen weirdest fast food inventions of 2012, which include the Doritos Locos taco above from Taco Bell. Continue reading to see more.

18. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza @ Pizza Hut UK

17. Sesame Pork Chop Burger @ McDonalds Taiwan

16. Cookie Sandwich @ Taco Bell

15. Crown Crust Pizza @ Pizza Hut Middle East

14. Fish McBites @ McDonalds

13. Grilled Halloum Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich @ McDonalds Kuwait

12. Pizza Whopper @ Burger King

11. Molten Chocolate Cake @ McDonalds Hong Kong

10. Pizzabon @ Cinnabon

9. Shrimp Stars @ KFC Singapore

8. Breakfast Waffle Sandwich @ Jack in the Box

7. Cheese Top Burger @ KFC Philippines

6. Ice Cream Burger @ Carl's Jr / Hardees

5. Lobster and Caviar Burger @ Wendy's Japan

4. Pumpkin Burger @ Burger King Japan

3. Kit Kat Pops @ Pizza Hut Middle East

2. Darth Vader Burger @ Burger King Japan

1. Doritos Locos Taco

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