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iPhone Flash

Yes, iPhone Flash support has finally arrived, or at least a hacked version which uses "two apps b.Tween and eyeGT." Video after the break.

He only browses one site in the video, so it's hard to have too strong an opinion, but it doesn't look bad at all.
[via Gizmodo - 9to5Mac]

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Science Machine

To create "Science Machine", a graphic artist spent over 40-hours designing the piece in Adobe Illustrator. That's not the best part, he also created a time-lapse video of the process. Continue reading to watch. Click here for one more picture.

I thought you might like a screen cast I made of me working in Vista on Adobe Illustrator on a 40-hour project. It's pretty much a music video as well. I've screwed with my install of Vista a lot, so I got some crashes and some BSODs, but obviously those were not captured.
[via Gizmodo - The Big Pugh]

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Photo Photo

Located in Union Square, NYC, this interactive billboard by Adobe Systems was fitted with motion sensors that activate a nifty animation when people walk by. Continue reading for a video.

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