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Infrared Heater

Dr. Heater's Infrared Quartz Portable Space Heater is currently being offered for only $129.99 shipped, this week only, originally priced at $249.99. By heating only the objects in the space - not the air - Dr. Heater provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency. With its state-of-the-art technology that helps the room retain air moisture, it won't dry out your skin like those convection heaters that blast out hot air, stripping the room of moisture. Product page. Continue reading for more images and information.

Notable features:
  • Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degrees.

  • The Dr. Heater advanced dual heating systems increase the heat transfer rate, and evenly heats your space up to 1,000 square feet, fast. The newly engineered heater produces 60% more heat than the other models in the market. Great supplemental heating source.

  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA &Canada that ensures highest safety standards. Perfectly safe around the children and pets with no exposed heating elements. Overheat Cut Off and Tip Over Protection System.


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Amchit Residence

Lebanon, a country in Western Asia tat's bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south, isn't known for luxury ocean view mansions,'re talking about the Amchit Residence. Designed by Blankpage Architects, this residence is situated in Nahr el Mott, Lebanon, and has all the amenities you'd expect in a 6-star resort, including s citrus, olive and sea-salted palm trees as well as a minimalistic open design. Rooms are connected by outdoor bridges and the mid-level living room, along with kitchen, are graced by floor to ceiling glass windows, suspended lighting, and dark hardwood floors. Continue reading for more images and information.

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Weirdest Lock

Anyone worries about the security of traditional locks, might want to look into this one. Simply put, the key required to open it isn't just a straight, flat piece of metal, but rather a watch strap-inspired flexible chain that's contained in a hard slip-casing for insertion into the winding snake-like lock. Continue reading for the video.

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Bead Kitchen

This is not a fake image or painting, but rather a real kitchen created by artist Liza Lou. She spent 5-years building this life-sized kitchen and backyard using lots of tiny glass beads. These brightly colored glass beads are known as "seed beads" and often used for making jewelry. These "seed beads" cover the food, the water in the sink, the furniture and fixtures, and all 250,000 blades of grass in the backyard. No machines were used, just her hands and a pair of tweezers to place each one in the right place. Continue reading for more images and information.

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Pallet Sofa

Have some spare pallets laying around the house? Why not stack them up, get some cushions, pillows, and create some theater seating inside your home? While most pallets are wooden, pallets can also be made of plastic, metal, paper, and recycled materials. That is just one of the many cool and geeky furniture life hacks that show how to give life to old things that would normally be thrown in the garbage Continue reading to see them all.

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$95-Million Penthouse

Sure, 99.999% of the world don't even need to worry about whether to choose from a fully-decked out Gulfstream G600 jet or buying a massive penthouse in Manhattan, but for the billionaires (or newly minted lottery jackpot winners), that have $95-million to burn, these images might help in their decision. NYC's 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, at 1,396-feet, and offers 104 apartments. Some of them span up to 30,000-square-feet, complete with vaulted 12.5-foot ceilings, and 10 x 10 ft floor to ceiling windows. Continue reading for an update video, more images and additional information.

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Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich

Hamilton Beach's 25490 Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker is similar to the one they released earlier this year, but now you can make two sandwiches in just 5-minutes. Just choose your bread and layer on the fixings: egg, cheese, precooked meat, or the ingredients of your choice. Cook two breakfast sandwiches to perfection and to your preferences, and know when it's ready with the built-in digital timer. Product page. Continue reading for more images and information.

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Cube Home

It looks to be a scene straight from an apocalyptic movie, but this home is no optical illusion generated by digital artists. Atelier 8000, a Czech architectural, has constructed a cubical home set on its side, called the Kezmarske Hut. It was built to provide sustainable, year-round, off-the-grid shelter for adventurers. Its unique exterior consists of aluminum, glass, and photovoltaic panels. Plus, there's also a wraparound patio for when the weather gets warmer. Continue reading for more images and information.

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App Developer Mobile Office

Photo credit: David McKinney

Whether if you're self-employed or can work remotely, being stuck at home all day and night can get tedious. David McKinney, an app developer for social media website Product Hunt, decided to mix things up a bit by transforming a Ford Transit van into a mobile office. He says, "It has all the usual office things like Wi-Fi, AC power, and a desk for working. It also has a couch for thinking, a view, and fresh air. And it's always near the ocean or a place for exploring. I think most things around us can be designed to be better for people. Here's my take on the modern office - a better place to do good work." Continue reading for more images of the build process.

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W House

The HouseW in Duiven, The Netherlands, seamlessly blends old architecture with modern style. According to the architects (Studio Prototype), the facade consists of "diagonal directions and is translated to a timber cladding of western red cedar battens. They are as slender as possible, creating tension with the heavy brick of the existing dwelling. Aluminum profiles are used to attain subtle transitions between materials and spaces. The diagonal pattern is opened up on several strategic positions, working as a privacy screen." Continue reading for more.

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