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From afar, this may appear to be a next-generation SEGA Saturn, but in reality, it's one of two SEGA Pluto prototypes in existence. It's owned by a former Sega of America employee who now lives in Japan. What sets this console apart from the Saturn is its standard NetLink 28.8kbit/s modem, which allowed it to be linked up using a dial-up connection for multiplayer gaming, with support built into games including Daytona (NetLink Edition), Duke Nukem 3D, Saturn Bomberman, Sega Rally, and Virtual On. Continue reading for a news report, more pictures, and additional information.

According to "The Sega Pluto never made it past the prototype stage, but the casing carries the Saturn logo suggesting Sega intended to market it under that name. The Pluto was nowhere near seeing a release. The casing is CNC machined and the black painted on, showing how early this unit is. Super Magnetic is considering opening the Pluto up for further shots, but is also considering selling it due to the predicted high value of the unit.


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