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So, you've got a few broken game consoles laying around collecting dust and have always wanted a unique guitar, why not spend a few weekends building your own? Continue reading to see a few functional guitars made from game consoles. Click here for first picture in gallery.

SEGA Dreamcast Guitar

Ok, so it may not be the prettiest of mods, but this nifty Dreamcast guitar is fully functional and fits inside a normal carrying case. Continue reading for one more picture.

It took about a week to make. Theres only 3 strings because the others broke. Also I hear guys dig chicks with soldering iron burns

Family Comguitar

This handcrafted masterpiece is one of the most creative video game guitars we've seen. Unfortunately, you can't play games on the system after a tiring jam session.

The measurements of the modeled Nintendo Family Computer are spot on, resembling its classic counterpart -- including the controller, d-pad, and buttons were made from wood

NES Guitar

NESPaul has created the world's first functional NES guitar using his original system from when he was 10-years old.

How much would you pay for one of these babies? This god of a man sacrificed his NES, the best system evar, to make a freakin' awesome guitar. Unlike the Halo fanboy who made the rocket launcher, this awesome project is actually functional
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Have a broken SEGA Genesis laying around? Then why not turn it into a functional electric guitar, like the modder above. Though not very practical, it definitely makes for an interesting conversation piece.


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