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Roller Coaster Zipline

Sure, conventional roller coasters may feature the latest and greatest technologies, but roller coaster ziplines are far more exhilarating. One such example would be "The Rattlesnake", an attraction that has riders flying off a 65-foot tower over treetops on a 1,000 feet long rail of sharp curves and plunging dips. Continue reading for another POV video and more information.

Roller Coaster Zipline

"It's the evolution of zip line toward high-volume, high-capacity thrill rides. This is one of many ways that zip rides are going - further, faster and articulated turns. That's the amusement-park ride aspect of this. Every single day I'm learning about a new tour. We're seeing a boom simply because the population is desperate for activities that evoke imagination and inspiration," said Michael Smith, adventure-course consultant and operator.

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