Citrus Caviar Finger Lemon
The Australian finger lime, also known as citrus australasica, is basically a thorny understorey shrub or small tree of lowland subtropical rainforest in the coastal border region of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. These edible fruits produce what looks like caviar, and they are under development as a potential new commercial crop. Read more for a video and additional information.

NASA Hubble Quasar Tsunami
A team of astronomers studying data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have discovered the most energetic outflows ever witnessed in the universe. They emanate from quasars and tear across interstellar space in tsunami-like fashion, wreaking havoc on the galaxies in which they live. In addition to emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy, quasars contain supermassive black holes fueled by in-falling matter that can shine 1,000 times brighter than their host galaxies of hundreds of billions of stars. Read more for a video about quasars and additional information.

Facebook Oculus Quest Apartment Game
Programmer and UX designer at Unity Greg Madison knows that many are stuck at home under quarantine, but for those with an Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, your living space can become a game. Introducing the ‘Gamefied Real Estate’ project, which is essentially a custom-built room in Unity that was then synchronized with the actual living environment. Read more for a video of it in-action.

Hacked Bowling Ball Strikes
Former NASA engineer Mark Rober traveled all the way to London to partner with James Bruton for one of his latest projects. Simply put, it’s a bowling bowl that only gets strikes. It may look normal at first, but inside, you’ll find a weighted electronic mechanism that enables the bowler to steer it using simple body movements. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

Yellowstone Caldera Supervolcano Eruption
Before we dive into what would happen, supervolcanos are basically characterized as volcanic centers that have had eruptions covering more than 240 cubic miles, and in the US, there are two: Yellowstone and Long Valley, California. In the past 2.1-million-years, Yellowstone has had three major events, which subsequently led to the creation of the calderas, or large volcanic craters. Read more for a video and additional information.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield NASA Isolation Corona virus
Chris Hadfield may not be an expert at self-isolation, but he definitely has some experience in his line of work as an astronaut. He served as commander of the International Space Station back in December of 2012 and wants everyone to understand the “mission” they are trying to accomplish. Once that is clear, begin setting goals through the constraints you’re facing. Read more for the video and additional information.

Citizens of Earth UFO Texas
Photo credit: Marc Thorpe
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, Marc Thorpe has proposed an installation for the city of Marfa, Texas titled “Citizens of Earth,” and it’s not to pay tribute to flying saucers, but rather show why international borders are useless in the 21st century. It would be located in a desert community around 20-miles outside of Marfa, right on the border of Mexico and the United States. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Custom Star Wars TIE Fighter PC
In the Star Wars universe, TIE fighters are spacecraft propelled by Twin Ion Engines, making them fast, agile, yet fragile starfighters produced by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Empire. Designs by IFR decided to build a custom TIE Fighter PC from scratch, and the result is this geeky, yet epic, creation. Read more for a video showing exactly how it was built.

Scrap Metal Incredible Hulk
Photo credit: Kreatworks
Artists at Bangkok, Thailand-based Kreatworks used scrap metal, mainly consisting of old auto / motorcycle / machine parts, to fabricate a 10.8-foot tall Incredible Hulk sculpture. Unfortunately, it can’t be shipped to the United States due to its size. Should you live somewhere in Asia, just know that each one is made to order, so you may have to wait a while. Read more for additional pictures.

Invisible Rube Goldberg Machine
At first glance, the Rube Goldberg Machine you’re about to see appears to be just some clever video editing, but it’s actually just a real optical illusion. Put simply, a thick piece of glass sits next to a mixture of two clear, colorless oils, which is adjusted to match the glass’ refractive index. When this glass is submerged in the oil, it seemingly disappears. Read more for the video and additional information.