Robot Scientist
University of Liverpool researchers have built an intelligent robot scientist that can work nonstop 24-7 and carry out experiments by itself. This robot can make its own decisions about which chemistry experiments to perform next, has humanoid dimensions and is capable of working in a standard laboratory using instruments just like a human researcher does. Unlike its real-life counterpart, this 881-pound robot can think in 10 dimensions, and works for 21.5 hours each day, pausing just to recharge. Read more for a video and additional information.

LEGO-Powered Submarine
LEGO Technic sets are designed to push the limits of what the colorful bricks can do, but the Brick Experiment Channel on YouTube had to take things to the next level for his latest project. To create a functional LEGO submarine, it all started with an airtight glass food storage container. Magnetic couplings were then added to transmit power from the electric motors to the thrust propellers on the exterior of the vessel. Read more for a video and additional information.

Back to the Future Gigawatt Transformer 35th Anniversary
Hasbro, Inc. partnered with Universal Brand Development and Amblin Entertainment today to reveal the first-ever Transformers-Back to the Future collaboration, starring the all new GIGAWATT. This new time-traveling Transformers Autobot commemorates 35 years since the groundbreaking adventure film, Back to the Future, took audiences back in time. Read more for a 20 things you might have missed in Back to the Future movies video and additional information.

Pokemon Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer Card
Photo credit: Heritage Auction
Just seven copies of the Pokémon Super Secret Battle “No. 1 Trainer” Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card (1999) are known to exist in the world, and of those, six of them carry a PSA Gem MT 10 grade. They were gifted to the winners of seven regional Pokémon tournaments, making this an exceedingly rare prize among collectors. Read more for a video of the rarest Pokemon cards and additional information.

Star Wars Cardboard Death Star II
Photo credit: Epic Cardboard Props
In case you forgot, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi features a second Death Star that was still under construction as it orbits the forest moon of the planet Endor. Besides being larger, it also fixed a few issues found in its predecessor, so the Rebel Alliance’s only hope is to destroy it prior to its completion. For starters, its superlaser is more advanced as it can be fired every few minutes instead of needing 24 hours to recharge, while improved targeting computers could track smaller targets such as capital ships. Read more to see a cardboard recreation by Epic Cardboard Props.

Super NES Boombox
At first glance, this appears to be a 1982 Montgomery Ward boombox, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that there’s a functional Super NES Classic console built-in. How much did this modification cost? When all was said and done, around $250, and considering how cool it looks, that definitely isn’t too bad at all. Plus, it can play Super Mario World and twenty other games. Read more for a video and additional information.

Fire Ants Shape-Shifting Unsinkable Raft
Ants may not seem special at first glance, but fire ants in particular have a special ability. They’re able to form shape-shifting clusters that combine to create unsinkable rafts that are held ogether by constantly breaking apart. That’s right, swarms of the ants connect in vast groups to float across water, sometimes forming large rafts the size of dinner plates. Read more for a video and additional information.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Fire Pit
Photo credit: Burned By Design
Star Wars fans already know that the Millennium Falcon is primarily commanded by smuggler Han Solo, along with Chewbacca, but some of the younger generation may not be aware that the ship was previously owned by gambler con-artist Lando Calrissian. What that said, Alex Dodson decided to turn this fictional starship into one of the coolest fire pits we’ve seen. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Black Hole Hologram Holographic Principle
Photo credit: TU Wien
Scientists from SISSA, ICTP and INFN claim that black holes are similar to holograms, or in other words, all the data required to produce a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface. Einstein’s theory of relativity describes black holes as three-dimensional, spherical and smooth. The team applied a 30-year-old idea called the holographic principle to come to this conclusion. Read more for a video about the holographic universe and additional information.

Engineer Hidden Door Basement Patio
Photo credit: Laughing Squid
Secret passages, or hidden routes used for stealthy travel, escape, or movement of people and goods, are commonly seen in movies, especially ones that involve James Bond. However, this clever engineer decided to build a hidden entry to their basement directly into the floor of the patio deck. This would most certainly come in handy if your have a horde of zombies chasing after you, or just want quick access to a secure location. Read more for a video.