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This week our editors bring you the "Top 10 Strangest Game Controllers ". If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Which ones are your favorites?

10. Axim PDA Meets Playstation Controller

Kryten007 from "Aximsite" managed to hack an exisiting Bluetooth Gamepad for PDAs and stuff its guts into a genuine PS2 controller. It uses spring-loaded mechanical pencils as clamps to secure the Axim x50 in place. Hopefully this controller performs better than it looks. [Source]

9. SplitFish GlideFX

The SplitFish GlideFX (PS2) could be one of the earliest Nintendo Revolution controller clones. It "uses a 'Trackball' to manage movement that is normally controlled by the right analog stick". [Source]

8. RailDriver

The "RailDriver" is the perfect gaming controller for aspiring railway drivers or enthusiasts -- featuring knobs, levers, switches, and buttons, specifically designed for use with Microsoft's Train Simulator and Auran Trainz. [Source]

7. DDR Finger Controller

Now you can play Dance Dance Revolution without even lifting a foot. Tesco's "Finger Dance Pad" lets you enjoy all your favorite Playstation 2 and PS One dancing games from the palm of your hand. [Source]

6. Pachi-Slot Controller

This PS2 controller was designed specifically for use with "PachiSlot", a "skill-stop slot machine" and even includes a coin slot. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japan. [Source]

5. World's Smallest Functional NES Controller

Our list wouldn't be complete without the smallest and largest functional NES controllers. This tiny device uses a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and requires tiny sticks just to press the buttons. Video clip here. [Source]

4. GameRunner

Put simply, the GameRunner is one of the strangest game controllers we’ve come across. It fuses the technologies of exercise equipment and video gaming - ideal for first person shooters. Video clip here. [Source]

3. World's Largest Functional NES Controller

Incredibly enough, the world's largest functional NES controller cost only $400 to build and made its debut on G4's Attack of the Show last year (March 28th, 2005). Video clip here. [Source]

2. Gamecube Chainsaw Controller

At first glance, this chainsaw looks to be something straight out of a horror movie, but in reality, it's just a Nuby Tech game controller -- designed for use with Resident Evil 4. [Source]

1. Death Crimson Controller

Yes, that's actually a video game controller and not some sci-fi movie prop It's quite surprising that someone put in all that work to create a custom controller for "Death Crimson", a game that scored only 1.0909/10. This monstrosity has a built-in Saturn console and light gun at the tip. [insertcredit via Source]

Honorable Mention - The Ore-Commander

This strange device from Periborg is actually a thumb-mounted vibrator that supposedly can help gamers press a controller button 20 times -- turbo style. Since it's more of an accessory we decided to make the Ore-Commander an honorable mention. [Source]

Honorable Mention - Lego PS3/XBox 360 Controllers

Master Lego builder Nathan Sawaya created these giant Playstation 3 and XBox 360 controllers. Unfortunately, they aren't functional. [Source]

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