AirLander 10 Largest Aircraft Launch Hybrid Air Vehicles
Hybrid Air Vehicles’ AirLander 10, nicknamed “the flying bum,” could be ready to transport passengers between cities by 2025 at 10% of the emissions of a standard aircraft. The cabin experience will be similar to that of traditional planes today, but much more spacious as well as quiet, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows for sweeping views of the landscape below. Other features include high-speed WiFi, full-sized restrooms, a galley, and even a bar. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Antarctic Snow Cruiser RV Expedition Vehicle
H/t: Car Scoops
Long before the high-tech expedition vehicles of today, there was the 1939 Snow Cruiser, which arrived at Little America in the Bay of Whales, Antarctica with United States Antarctic Service Expedition in early January 1940. Unfortunately, it experienced many problems from the very start, as it was necessary to construct a ramp from timber to unload the vehicle itself. During the unloading process, one of the wheels broke through the ramp. Read more for a video and additional information.

Al-Naslaa Rock Formation Saudi Arabia Laser
Photo credit: Asad Ansari
Anyone who wanders into the Tayma Oasis in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk province may stumble upon a bizarre formation, or to be more specific, a 4,000-year-old rock formation. It’s called Al-Naslaa and appears to be laser cut with precision right down the middle. To date, scientists and researchers have not yet been able to confirm how it was formed. The structure consists of two sandstones supported by a naturally-formed pedestal with a perfect cut down the middle. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Lo Res Car Lamborghini Countach Doug DeMuro
Automotive personality Doug DeMuro recently got the chance to check out the Lo Res Car, and while it may look like something from the new Matrix Resurrections movie, it’s a real functional vehicle. From afar, it appears to be a hovering space object, but its designer, Rem D. Koolhaas, actually drew inspiration from the original Lamborghini Countach. Read more to for the up-close look and test drive video.

Tesla Model S Plaid Underwater
Tesla vehicles have been known to drive in heavy floods without any issue, but what happens when you take the newest Model S Plaid into 7-feet of water? One owner decided to find out, regardless of the outcome. This is possible because the Model S drive units and battery are both sealed, which lets it safely wade through water. At 4,766-pounds, the Tesla Model S Plaid isn’t the lightest vehicle, so you would expect it to somewhat float. Read more to see the craziness that ensued.

Musk Duck Ripper Australia Human Speech
Parrots and lyrebirds are known to mimic human speech, but what about ducks? Well, not all of them have that ability, but Ripper, a musk duck from Australia, most certainly does. As an adult, it’s able to mimic several sounds it heard as a hatchling, like a door slamming, man coughing and even the catchphrase, “You bloody fool!” This male musk duck was reared in captivity at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, south west of Canberra. Read more for the sound clips and additional information.

Man Swallows Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone
A 33-year-old man from Pristina, Kosovo somehow managed to swallow an entire Nokia 3310 mobile phone, which some tout as nearly indestructible. Fortunately, this person was smart enough to drive themselves to the hospital after experiencing intense pain four days following the ordeal. Skender Teljaku was the doctor who performed the operation and showed not only the X-ray image of the lodged object, but the aftermath as well. Read more to see how the handset came out of the body.

U-Haul Ct13 Camper Trailer
U-Haul is best known as an American moving equipment and storage rental company, but did you know they actually rented fiberglass camper trailers back in the 1980s? That’s right, the 1200-pound CT13 measures 13-feet-long with a 10-foot cabin, which means it can be easily towed by standard vehicles. No technical details are available, but one specimen from 1985 popped up on Craigslist for $13,500 USD and quickly sold. Read more for a video tour, additional pictures and information.

VonMercier Arosa Luxury Hovercraft Supercar
When you combine the looks of a supercraft with the functionality of a hovercraft, you get the ultra sleek VonMercier Arosa. Originally called the Supercraft back in 2014, company founder Michael Mercier plans on limiting production just 60-units at first, each one priced from $75,000 USD. Technical specifications are currently under wraps, but we do know that it rides on an air cushion that allows it to glide over just about any kind of terrain. Read more for a short video presentation, additional pictures and information.

Custom Dodge Viper Limousine Limo
The 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 is a formidable sports car that is a collector’s item in pristine condition, but what about one that has been converted into a bizarre-looking limousine? Well, it’s definitely not worth $135,000 USD, as it failed to sell for that much in a recent eBay auction. This may possibly be due to the fact that the engine is still unmodified 8.0L V10 engine making 415 hp and 488 lb-ft of torque from the factory. Read more for a video where it made an appearance at the 2012 SEMA show and additional pictures.