Photo credit: Barcroft Cars

Towing company owner Steve Francis has spent years customizing just about everything on his 1989 Isuzu LS SpaceCab truck and transforming it into near unrecognizable “Trucktopus”. Modifications include: lowering the body by 3.5-inches, adding six 20-inch wheels, swapping in a V8 engine, and even installing suicide doors. “When you get that feeling of winning a ‘best of show’, a ‘best overall’, that is such an incredible feeling and adrenaline rush. I always like to be different and I don’t like to leave anything stock. It’s taken me about 20 years to customise the truck to the state it’s in now, so the man-hours on this vehicle are totally epic,” he told BarCroft Cars. Read more for a selection of interesting images from around the web.

Denqul Power Bank

Japan-based Nendo has unveiled Denqul, a power bank unlike any others on the market today, as it enables users to charge the device by simply using kinetic energy. In other words, a swivel hinge and internal dynamo are used to generate power by simply twirling it for a few minutes. It’s capable of charging devices with a conventional cable or a special table-top cup set for wireless charging. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

TechnoImpulse Rocket Z

When it comes to snow vehicles, you have plenty of options, but if you demand a monster truck-inspired 4×4, then look no further than the TechnoImpulse Rocket Z. It can safely transport up to 9 people across not only snowy terrain, but just about any obstacle thrown at it, powered by a 100-hp turbodiesel engine. Other features include: “Hella” optics, power-steering boosters, “ComeUp” front winches, a spotlight finder “Hella” Xenon roof lighting, cross wheel limited slip differentials, and a tow bar. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Rectangular Iceberg NASA

This perfectly rectangular-shaped iceberg was spotted on October 16 by NASA’s IceBridge program, which flies planes over the poles to capture photos, near the Larsen-C ice shelf. “It’s not uncommon to see that in Antarctica – although that [the tabular iceberg spotted by NASA] is a fresh and sharp looking one,” said Ted Scambos, a senior research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Hovercraft DeLorean

Matthew Riese from San Francisco spent his life savings making his dream of building a functional DeLorean hovercraft a reality. How so? The ‘car’ boasts a fibreglass shell that has been painted and sprayed to take on the classic DeLorean exterior, complete with gull-wing doors, and placed on an inflating base with an engine. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

Jet-Powered BMW

Believe it or not, Igor Negoda from Russia managed to cram a TS-21 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of a MIG-23 fighter jet into a BMW E30 3 Series, transforming it into a flame-spitting monster, literally. The TS-21 turbine is used to start the MIG-23’s main engine, but in the 3 Series, there’s enough propulsion to get it moving when paired with the original transmission. Continue reading for another build video and more information.

Panasonic Wear Space

Panasonic Wear Space, a collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga, is a bizarre wearable gadget with noise-cancelling headphones. The main idea is to keep the wearer focused when in open spaces such as coffee shops, schools, and co-working spaces. It consists of flexible material that wraps around the back of your head, extending all the way to the sides of your eyes, thus blocking out distractions in your peripheral view. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Street View Divorce

Google Street View can be used for many things, like visual turn-by-turn directions, or just a virtual vacation, but one Peruvian man discovered much more. He was allegedly searching for the quickest way to reach the Bridge of Sighs, in Barranco, Lima, when he stumbled upon a curly-haired woman sitting on a bench with a not so familiar man. Despite their faces being blurred, he quickly identified the woman as his wife due to her hair and clothes. A divorce ensued shortly after. continue reading for another picture and more information.

MobiLimb Smartphone Finger

Photo credit: Marc Teyssier

MobiLimb, developed by Marc Teyssier, a PhD student at the University of Paris-Saclay in France, is basically a smartphone accessory that adds a robotic finger to your device when it’s plugged into a USB port. You can use it as a phone stand, or just for some extra grip to hold secure a phone or even act out emojis. Currently, you can select from a model made from Plastil Gel-10 black silicon material or one covered in a ‘finger-like skin with a high degree of realism’. Gamers could use it as a controller or joystick of sorts to manipulate virtual objects. Continue reading for the full video demonstration and more information.

Prove Real Superpowers

If you can scientifically prove your superpowers, The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences (GWUP), a group of German physicists, biologists and psychologists, will reward you with €10,000 ($11,700). Whether it be telekinesis, telepathy, or the ability to generate fire, you’ll need to prove it in controlled laboratory conditions. To date, over 60 people have been tested, but as you might’ve already guessed, none have been able to claim the money. Continue reading for another video on real superpowers and more information.