Squirrel Monkey ChatGPT 1980s
If OpenAI’s ChatGPT existed in the 1980s, it may have required an Intel 80286-powered computer, 640 Kilobytes of RAM, a modem, a 20MB of larger hard disk, and of course floppy diskettes. Getting everything setup would be quite different from just opening up a website like today, as you first have to set the destination directory, select your modem, and then wait for the floppy disks to copy everything to the hard disk.

Minghong Micro Electric Car
There’s the Smart car, and then this Minghong micro electric car that can’t be legally driven on roads here in the US, but might be great for a golf course. Its electric motor is connected to a 60V 50Ah lithium battery that can be fully charged in about 2.5-hours using the included 1,500W charger. The EV measures in a 7’9″ long, complete with a super panda decal on each side.

Decode Mouse Brain Signals Predict What it Sees
EPFL researchers have managed to decode a mouse’s brain signals to predict what it sees using a new algorithm for building artificial neural network models designed to capture brain dynamics. This machine learning algorithm is called CEBRA and it can decode what a mouse sees while it watches a movie as well as reconstruct the positions of rats as they freely run around a room.