As the many tragic events in recent times have proved, the world is a cruel place, but these ten acts just might restore some of your faith in humanity. First up, this Disney security guard decided to brighten up a child’s day the best way he knew how. Continue reading to see more.

10. Saving a Cat

9. Stranger Placing Plastic On Window to Prevent Water from Getting In

8. Doctor Offered Free Medical Care for Sandy Victims

7. Michigan Soccer Team Gave Player with Down Syndrome Chance to Start

6. Umbrella for Homeless Man During Downpour

5. Three Legs

4. NFL Star Andre Johnson Spent $19k on Toys for Kids

3. John Unger Soothes His Arthritic Dog in Lake Superior

2. Police Officer Bought Shoes for Homeless Man

1. Parents Transformed Child’s Wheelchair Into Costume