Created by designer Robby Cuthbert, an artist and designer based out of Palo Alto, California, his latest line of furniture pieces uses only tension wires to hold the items together – no screws or glue are used, just opposing forces of tension to achieve stability in each design. Continue reading for more.

Here’s what Robby Cuthbert of Robby Cuthbert Designs said about his pieces on Reddit:

For the process of removing the slack, it’s all done by feel. I have some pliers that I use to pull the cables tight and a pair of crimpers that I use to clamp copper sleeves down around the cables and hold them in place.

I started out making a bunch of abstract sculptures with this method, so I got a lot of practice and a good feel for it before I went on to making practical things.

The surprising part is, because there are so many cables, none of them has to be pulled that tight. If you push on any of them, it doesn’t feel like they’re under that much tension.

It’s just that the added effect of them all creates a totally stable system. The cable is 1/16″ galvanized steel wire rope.