Did you know that R2-D2 was originally supposed to be played by a dwarf? However, after three dwarfs tried out for the part, with one fatality, they decided to go with a midget instead. For those wondering, dwarfism is actually a medical condition, whereas midgets are just exceptionally short people. Continue reading to see ten more cool facts.

5 Fun Star Wars facts:

  1. It took three different actors to portray Darth Vader : David Prowse (body), James Earl Jones (voice) et Sebastian Shaw (face).
  2. R2-D2 was named after that a technician from “American Graffiti” asked to Lucas the Reel number 2, Dialogue track number 2.
  3. The small actor hiding into R2-D2 is named Kenny Baker and is less than 4 feet tall!
  4. Chewbacca’s name is inspired by the name of Chebika City, in Tunisia, near the place where Tatooine scenes where shot.
  5. The name of Jawa is simply taken from the Lucas family doctor’s name.

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