Star Wars


Hologram Lasers Animated 3D Display
Brigham Young University (BYU) researchers have developed a laser-based animated 3D display that can move in mid-air, which paves the way for immersive experiences that allow people to interact with holographic-like virtual objects that co-exist in their immediate space. To demonstrate this technology, the team created virtual stick figures that walk in thin air. Read more for a video and additional information.

Instant Pot Star Wars Duo Little Bounty Baby Yoda
The Instant Pot Star Wars 6-Quart Duo Little Bounty is perfect for Star Wars fans, and you can get one for $59.98 shipped, today only, originally $99.95. This gadget basically replaces 7 kitchen appliances, including the pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker and warmer. It has 13 built-in smart programs (Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, etc.) right out of the box. Product page. Read more for a video review of the Duo and additional information.

NASA May 4th Celestial Lightsaber Hubble
To close out May 4, 2021, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured what appears to be a cosmic, double-bladed lightsaber. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see in the center of the image, a newborn star shoots twin jets out into space. What may surprise you is that his celestial lightsaber is actually located in the Milky Way Galaxy, inside a turbulent Orion B molecular cloud complex, located 1,350 light-years away. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Walt Disney Company Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Lightsaber
Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a themed luxury hotel near Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in the Epcot Resort Area of the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, is set to open in 2022, and to celebrate May 4th, the company released a teaser of what you can find. That’s right, a somewhat functional lightsaber in the sense that it has a retractable blade of light that extends from the hilt. Read more for the short video and additional information.

Fastest Grappling Hook Winch
Mandalorian armor typically includes a helmet with a T-shaped visor that conceals their faces, and armaments like whipcord throwers, flamethrowers, jetpacks as well as grappling hooks. Hacksmith Industries decided to make the latter a reality. Protolabs provided the team with a bespoke 3D-printed metal revolving spool – manufactured with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) – for the winch, which controls the rope connected to the grappling hook. Read more for the build and test video.

LEGO Star Wars 75308 R2-D2
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm, the LEGO Group today unveiled a new R2-D2 construction set that consists of 2,314-pieces. Not just any set, this one includes the droid’s unique retractable mid-leg, rotating head, periscope and several hidden tools including a lightsaber hilt concealed within a secret compartment in its head. When fully built, it’s perfect when displayed with right next to the set’s exclusive minifigure version of the iconic droid as well as a special Lucasfilm 50th anniversary LEGO brick. Read more for two videos, including a hands-on review, and additional information.

Star Wars Custom R2-D2 Nissan 350Z
H/t: Car Scoops
Even though cars were never featured in the Star Wars universe, there were still land vehicles, like the Landspeeder, Speeder Bike, Sandcrawler, etc. One fan, Shawn Crosby, decided to build a Nissan 350 Z-based Z-Wing. Not just a simple paint job, it features side-mounted blasters, R2-D2 riding in the trunk, hub caps made from pizza pans, and a cockpit-inspired interior, complete with a hologram projector prop. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Star Wars Death Star Watch Kross Studio
Kross Studio has just revealed a Death Star watch that puts all others to shame, or at least price tag wise. At $150,000 USD, the 10-piece Death Star Ultimate Collector Set not only includes the wristwatch, but also a screen-used Kyber Crystal prop from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Its tourbillon cage represents the Death Star’s northern hemisphere, making one revolution per minute, while a green superlaser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s Kyber Crystal power. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Kinetic Touchless Gesture-Controlled Door
H/t: Gizmodo
Stuck Design’s new Kinetic Touchless 2.0 door is controlled with gestures, and to bystanders, it may look like you’re using The Force. How does it work? It uses motion as feedback, so as your hand moves towards the door, it’s activated and responds with a slider interface. You then control the slider at a distance to open the door, and it automatically closes behind after walking through. This means that instead of traditional motion sensors, these only detect the presence of a hand. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

Hasbro Galactic Snackin' Grogu Baby Yoda
Hasbro second animatronic toy will be Galactic Snackin’ Grogu, a new take on what most still call Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. It features a host of sound effects, animated motions, and interactive accessories, complete with several included items to munch on. These include a blue cookie from a school on Nevarro and a bowl of soup with a squid-like creature that can be fed with a spoon. Best of all, Grogu reacts to each one, and will let you know what he likes and what belongs in a trash compactor. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.