JP Morgan Palladium Card

Photo credit: My Palladium Card

You’ve probably heard (or even have) the AMEX Centurion black card, but the JP Morgan Palladium Card is right behind it. It’s exclusive offering for the wealthiest of JP Morgan Chase clients who already have private bankers with them. All typical credit card transaction fees are waived (using it abroad, etc.),and there’s no preset spending limit to boot. The card itself is made from palladium, a rare metal that belongs in the family of platinum metals, complete with 23-karat gold with logos, names and dates etched in by laser. For those who would hate to damage it, card members also receive a plastic version of the Palladium card. In addition to the waived fees, top tier concierge, unlimited complimentary access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide, access to MarquisJet (world’s largest fleet of private jets), a travel rewards program, and more, are included with the $595 annual fee. Continue reading for more.

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