There are always people willing to do crazy things for a little bit of money, and these pranks definitely fall under that category. Whether it be drinking Kool-Aid out of an anti-freeze container or eating Tic-Tacs out of an aspirin bottle, these pranks are designed to make you look insane. Continue reading to see them all.

5 Interesting potato chip facts:

  1. Potato chips were originally called “Saratoga Chips.”
  2. Potato chips are the #1 snack food in America! We eat 1.2 billion pounds ($6 billion in product) a year!
  3. The first potato chip factory was built in 1895 by William Tappenden in Cleveland, OH. He funded the remodeling of his barn into a factory with the profits he made by delivering potato chips to grocery stores.
  4. It takes 1,000 pounds of potatoes to make 350 pounds of potato chips.
  5. Pringles are made from mashed potatoes that have been dehydrated and reconstituted into a dough.

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