Saturn Rings Earth

Ron Miller, an illustrator and author, specializes in visualizations of other worlds. He recently rendered a series of images that show what our skies would look like with Saturn’s beautiful rings. To keep things scientifically accurate, he added orange-pink shadows, which may result from sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, and also shows the rings from a variety of latitudes and landscapes. Continue reading for more interesting images (and a bonus video) of our galaxy that might surprise you.

11. What Rosetta Comet Would Look Like in Los Angeles

Rosetta Comet Size

10. Size of the Earth Compared to Sun

Earth vs. Sun

9. North America vs. Jupiter

North America vs. Jupiter

8. Earth as Seen from the Martian Surface

Earth from Mars

7. The Speck That is Earth as Seen from Beyond Neptune

Earth from Neptune

6. VY Canis Majoris Compared to Our Sun

Sun vs. Other Stars

5. Milky Way Galaxy vs. Ic1011


4. Hubble Deep Field Image of the Vast Amount of Galaxies in the Universe

Hubble Deep Field

3. Section of Space Hubble Deep Field Captured

Deep Field Section

2. Sun in the Solar Interstellar Neighborhood

Sun Interstellar Neighborhood

1. Interstellar Neighborhood in the Milky Way Galaxy

Interstellar Neighborhood

Bonus Video – What Ancient Earth Might Have Been Like

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