From the pictures and afar (if you’re fortunate enough to visit in person), this looks to be a place straight from Middle Earth, but it’s actually the Magic Mountain Lodge at the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in northern Chile’s Patagonia. To get inside, visitors need to cross a suspended rope bridge and then greeted by a cascade of water coming down from waterfall volcano. Continue reading for a video, additional pictures and more information.

The Lodge itself is situated on a forest region in northern Patagonia and doubles as a base camp for eco-tourists looking to go on an animal excursion or for exploring the local waterfalls. It features a cone-shaped design “with dormer windows peaking out of its vegetated and stone facade. A water spot on top pours over the roof, drenching the plants and anyone at the base of the building. The playful design is intended to evoke an ancient legend that speaks of a magic mountain in the area that grants wishes.”