Liza Lou, an accomplished American artist, is fascinated with patterns, especially when it comes to glass beads. “Kitchen”, her very first large scale project, took approximately 5 years to complete (1991-1996), and it’s basically a kitchen turned into a real-life painting, covered entirely in millions of glass beads. She actually placed each of the tiny beads separately using a pair of tweezers to create an amazing mosaic-like look for each item in the room. Continue reading for more pictures.

In 1999, she was back with her new Backyard project, where she used over thirty million beads! Most of them went into creating 250,000 blades of grass around the picnic table.

In 2013 Liza presented her last project, called Color Field, which will on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego through November 3rd. Color Field is meant as a tribute to the grasslands of South Africa, where Liza is currently based.


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