Batmobile iPhone Case

Carrying around a bulky iPhone case probably isn’t the most practical way to go about your day, but for Batman fans, this is definitely a sacrifice worth making. Bandai Japan has the perfect iPhone 6 case modeled after the actual Batmobile, complete with a built-in LED light that projects the Bat-signal onto the wall, pop-out wheels that allow for camera use, and a utility belt that surrounds the home button. Continue reading for more funny and geeky ideas.

14. Donut Waffles

Donut Waffles

13. Bath & Breakfast

Bath & Breakfast

12. Always Working

Head Tape Prank

11. Hidden Dog Bed

Hidden Dog Bed

10. It Was Never There

White Out Prank

9. Postcards

Postcard Book

8. Evolving Art

Evolving Art

7. Hidden Candy

Hidden Candy

6. Grassy Cat Bed

Grass Cat Bed

5. Bathroom Entertainment Drawer

Game Drawer Bathroom

4. S’mores Rake

S'mores Rake

3. Tabletop Bar

Tabletop Bar

2. Keeping the Dog In

Keeping The Dog In

1. Bathing in Style

Bathing in Style

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