Philippe Ream

Philippe Ramette of Auxerre, France, is a conceptual artist known best for his series of gravity-defying images. He partnered with his photographer, Marc Domage, to come up with an ingenious solution to make the impossible poses you see, possible, and without the use of Photoshop. Simply put, there’s a a support hidden inside his clothing and securely anchored into whatever they were shooting on. Continue reading for more interesting images that look digitally-altered, but aren’t.

14. Grayscale Makeup and Clothing

13. Railroad Tracks After Earthquake in New Zealand

12. Roll Cloud

11. Zony – The Zebra and Pony Hybrid

10. Distorted Tarp Placed Over Building During Construction

9. Dubai Skyline

8. Casey Anderson’s Adopted Bear

7. Raphael Biagini’s Giant Goldfish

6. Bell-Mouth Spillway

5. Sun Cruise Resort in South Korea

4. Magic Tap in Spain

3. Crazy Black House in Germany

2. Fire-Damaged Pole

1. 3D Projected Face

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