Most mugs and cups are boring, these eighteen creative examples are not. Some people love their morning cup of Joe (coffee), and what better way to fill up than with this awesome coffee bean cup? Continue reading to see more – bonus video of a self-stirring mug included.

Early History:

  • The first pottery was shaped by hands and was later facilitated by invention of the potter’s wheel (date unknown, between 6,500 and 3000 BCE). It was relatively easy to add a handle to a cup in the process thus producing a mug.
  • For example, a rather advanced, decorated clay mug from 4000-5000 BCE was found in Greece. The biggest disadvantage of those clay mugs was thick walls unfit for the mouth. The walls were thinned with development of metalworking techniques.
  • Metal mugs were produced from bronze, silver, gold and even lead, starting from roughly 2000 BCE and were hard to use with hot drinks.
  • Wooden mugs were produced probably from the oldest time, but most of them could not be preserved to the present time. The invention of porcelain around 600 CE in China brought a new era of thin-walled mugs suitable both for cold and hot liquids, which we enjoy today.

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