The words cool and geeky aren’t normally synonymous with rings, but these eighteen designs just might change your thoughts. First up, we have the famous Kinekt Gear Ring, which boasts actual moving gears, as you can tell from the animated GIF. Continue reading to see more.

Interesting ring facts:

  • The most popular engagement ring cut is the round brilliant diamond.
  • The typical retail markup in a jewelry store is 30-40 percent, while Internet jewelers carry a profit margin of 10-15 percent.
  • Diamonds that weigh just under the next full carat are typically less expensive than diamonds passing the full-carat hurdle. For example, a .90-carat diamond engagement ring may cost $6,000 but a 1-carat diamond engagement ring with the same features will run you about $9,000.
  • Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds grown in a lab – yes they are cheaper, but they just hit the market so consumer feedback is very limited.
  • Jewelers base their pricing off the Rapaport Diamond Report (aka The Rap Sheet) this monthly report is the primary source of diamond pricing and market information for the diamond industry – it’s a great tool for use when in the market for a diamond.

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