We’ve probably all seen humans perform acts of extreme balancing, like slackliners (a practice in balance that typically uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points), but there are eighteen examples of objects being balanced. Continue reading to see more.

5 Interesting television facts:

  1. Countless sitcoms today use the multiple camera, adjoining set setup that was first made by Desi Arnaz, producer of I Love Lucy. While popular comedies like The Office, Modern Family, and Community don’t use this setup, others like How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory still do.
  2. George Reeves, who starred as Superman in the 1950’s TV series, was frequently assaulted by children wanting to test his invulnerability. At one appearance in costume, George Reeves greeted a young boy who quickly pulled a pistol out and pointed it at him. The boy had taken the pistol, a Luger, from his home.
  3. The creator and artist of Scooby Doo was Iwao Takamoto. Takamoto did a bit of research before creating the beloved character of children and adults alike. He spoke with a breeder of Great Danes who informed him of what a show-ready pedigree Great Dane would look like. Instead of making Scooby, a perfect show dog, he gave Scooby several characteristics opposite of the show standards.
  4. The Big Bang Theory: You may not have noticed, but each of the recurring male characters has an article of clothing that he wears in basically every episode. Sheldon is typically wearing a t-shirt, Leonard is usually sporting a hoodie, Raj is normally seen in a warm-up suit jacket, and Howard is typically in a turtleneck. Also, you may not have noticed that for the majority of the time Leonard does not have glass in his glasses.
  5. That ’70s Show: In reality, Mila Kunis was only 14 years old at the time of her audition. Sure, the producers asked her how old she was, but she just responded by saying, “Well, I’ll be 18 on my birthday.” She simply neglected to mention when that birthday would occur. Viewers may also have noticed that Fez says his first name only once, and the audience cannot hear it because of a sound. It turns out he was not actually saying his name, but all of the actor’s first names.

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