A gun-shaped digital camera may not be practical, or even safe, should it be on you at the airport or any other public areas with heavy security, but it’s still cool-looking nonetheless. We’ve rounded up eighteen more cool and geeky gadgets, accessories you might want. continue reading to see them all.

18. R/C Trash Can and Mop

17. Sunnyside Egg Shaper

16. Drinkmaster Hoodie

15. Coffee Cup iPhone Case

14. iPad TV Dock

13. ManHands Soap

12. Oversized Pool Table

11. Audi Carbon Fiber Bike

10. Illuminated Furniture

9. Gold Land Rover

8. Notebook Launcher

7. Hand Wrench

6. Socket Charger

5. Salt Made from Tears

4. Electric Mill

3. Pizza Sleeping Bag

2. Private Jumbo Jet

1. Volkswagen Camper Van