Shota Tsukamoto an Instagram super user from Tokyo catapulted to internet stardom by snapping shots of his pet hedgehog named Darcy. It’s arguably the internet’s most popular little hedgehog. Named after the former bassist from the band The Smashing Pumpkins, Darcy is an affectionate and lovable little animal, as you can see from the images. Continue reading for more.

My Modern Met says: “Each picture in Shota’s Instagram account is cuter than the next, making us want to see more of the tiny critter and her adorable adventures. The images actually leave us wondering what Darcy’s thinking while exploring the big world around her. Shota says that he excludes any captions from his images to allow viewers to tap into their imagination and create their own stories about Darcy. He also hints at a possible children’s picture book, which sounds like a great idea to us!”


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