P-Flap Robot Bird Talon
It’s no PHRACTYL Macrobat, but the autonomous P-Flap robot bird by researchers in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne does have a talon-like claw mechanism that enables it to land safely on a perch. This Perching Flapping-Wing Robot (P-Flap) boasts a 59-inch (1.5-meter) wingspan and its carbon fiber claw requires no external power source to stay open or closed, as it’s directly connected to the robot’s under-body.

Max Planck Institute BirdBot Bird Robot
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and University of California, Irvine scientists teamed up to develop BirdBot, a robot leg that is not only energy-efficient, but needs fewer motors and theoretically, could be scaled to a large size. It was modeled after a flightless bird, or more specifically, the ostrich, and there is no motor in the foot, just a spring / cable mechanism.