Ever have those ideas where a light bulb just comes on above your head? For example, “Dine Ink” is a simple (yet ingenious) set of plastic cutlery that can be attached to just about any ballpoint pen for easy transportation. Continue reading to see more.

18. Easy Divide Couch

17. Numlock Handle

16. Glider Slingshot Camera

15. Easy Tape

14. Dish Draining Kitchen Cabinets

13. Cat Tunnel Sofa

12. Modular Cutting Board

11. Broom-Cleaning Dustpan

10. Sideways Toaster Grilled Cheese

9. Arm Sleeper Pillow

8. Plug with Built-in Extension Cord

7. Staircase Drawers

6. Pebble Pillows

5. Transforming Scooter Bike

4. Removable Light Handle

3. Chop Chop Board with Integrated Knife

2. Airport Sleepbox

1. Wrap Around Bike

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