RUF today unveiled its latest creation, the 2007 RUF R Kompressor — based on Porsche’s 997. This supercar sports a supercharged, 3.8L flat-6 that produces 435hp @ 7000rpm and 347 ft-lb torque @ 5000rpm — boosting it from 0-60 in just 4.1-seconds. More pictures after the jump.

The basis of the supercharged engine is the centrifugal Kompressor with a planetary gear box. This supercharger works like a mechanic turbo charger which is operated by a v-belt

[via SeriousWheels]



Whereas the front of the R Kompressor expresses pure dynamics, the design of the rear is more unobtrusive. The spoiler rear hood and the rear wing are made of high-quality Kevlar-Carbon. Aerodynamically optimized RUF side mirrors complete the optical design of the R Kompressor
The maximum boost is 0.6 bar. The engine has an aluminium intake manifold which was developed by RUF with two integrated intercoolers, optimized injection valves, a lower base compression, sport catalytic converters with greater performance and a newly adjusted electronic engine management system. Both integrated water-cooled intercoolers are supported by an electronic pump with a cooling fluid from the additional water cooler at the front spoiler