Weighing just 2976-pounds, the 2012 GTA Spano is powered by a supercharged 8.3L V10 engine that produces a mesmerizing 820hp and 708lb-ft of torque, enabling it to go from 0-60 in just 2.9-seconds. Inside, “the dashboard has a large state-of-the-art 7″ LCD screen with several functions such as navigation, radio with MP3 CD, an iPod port and Bluetooth for mobile phones.” Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for two videos.

The chassis has been built completely out of carbon fiber, titanium and Kevlar, whose rigidity is four times greater than that of today’s presently commercialized super sport cars, which offers the best level of safety. With this technology, the weight of the monocoque is only 56 kg, while total weight is 1350 kg, with all the liquids and the most convenient equipment on board.

[via SeriousWheels]

2012 Model