Super Soaker was invented by engineer Lonnie Johnson in 1982 and went on sale in 1989. The Super Soaker 50, was originally called the Power Drencher. The image above shows what the water gun looks like today. We’ve rounded up 23 more popular toys from your childhood and put them side-by-side with their modern counterparts. Continue reading to see them all.

Bonus Video – Super Soaker Commercial (1991)

The first Super Soaker blasters utilized manually pressurized air to shoot water with greater power, range, and accuracy than conventional squirt pistols. Super Soakers were popular for many years – so popular, in fact, that the term super soaker is sometimes used generically, to refer to any type of toy pressurized water gun. The Super Soaker brand was further popularized in the 1990s by Michael Jackson, who cited it as one of his favorite toys.


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