Owning a classic Nintendo Game Boy is probably good enough for most geeks, and this gold version is just play over-the-top flashy. We’ve rounded up eighteen more gadgets and accessories that you could probably live without. Continue reading to see more.

24. Pillow Alarm Clock

23. Timber Cabinet

22. Ring Journal

21. Sneaker Sandals

20. Coffee Cup Sink

19. Transparent Tub

18. Gold Audi R8

17. Pop-Up LED Smart TV

16. Floating BBQ

15. Dual Fridge w/Built-in Espresso Maker

14. Ultra Hot Tub

13. Framed Seat

12. LED Rain Shower

11. One-Man Helicopter

10. Coffee Arcade Table

9. Amphibious ATV

8. Landspeeder

7. Personal Outdoor Home Theater

6. Ultimate Home Arcade

5. Emperor Workstation

4. ZeroGravity Personal Spa

3. Multimedia Bed

2. Personal Yacht

1. Apartment with Living Room Garage