Another day, another batch of fun and cool gadgets, accessories you never knew you wanted (or at least some of them). Starting off, we have a 24K gold-plated iMac that definitely should be filed under luxury gadgets. Continue reading to see more.

24. Key Knife

23. Star Wars Coffee Machine

22. Reversible Cup

21. LEGO Bonsai Tree

20. 3D Dino Cookie Cutters

19. Bear Hoodie

18. Bar Trailer

17. Backyard Waterslide

16. Wall-Mount Computer System

15. Waterfall Shower

14. DeLorean Baby Stroller

13. Rubber Band Gatling Gun

12. Ice Cream Cone Lights

11. Personal Cocoons

10. Guitar Gumball Machine

9. Star Wars Del Sol

8. Swimming Pool Balcony

7. Book MacBook Cover

6. Cat Space

5. Transformable Chair Table

4. Dessert Jewelry

3. Rooftop Birdhouse

2. Katana Bookends

1. Fish Lamp