File this under: funny fixes. With all of the devices a typical home theater is comprised of, it’s no surprise that remote controls are easy to misplace. However, one thing you might not want to do is tape them all together, like this person. Continue reading to see twenty-four more unusual ways to fix everyday problems.

24. Fan Blades

23. Gas Door Lock

22. Trunk Lid

21. Food Saver

20. Can Handle

19. Speakers

18. Broken Chair

17. Windshield Wiper

16. Pastry Warmer

15. Cup Holder

14. Handle

13. Air Freshner

12. Sidecar

11. Faucet

10. Pot Holder

9. Water Slide

8. Microphone Stand

7. Tripod

6. Raft

5. Speaker Dock

4. Sofa

3. Barbell

2. Seesaw

1. Frying Pan