Honda Stuck Drawbridge Florida
Many have seen the scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious where cars appear to jump a drawbridge, but this Honda Accord just happened to in the wrong place at the not so ideal time. WPTV obtained footage that showed the vehicle stopping at the edge of the Ocean Avenue Bridge in Lantana and 30-seconds later, it begins to open with the driver still behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the wheels ended up getting stuck in the gap, making a getaway impossible.

Logan Paul $3.5-Million Case Pokemon Card Fake GI Joe
Why would Logan Paul spend $3.5-million on a supposedly sealed case of Pokemon cards? Well, boxes from the first edition set typically sell for around $384,000 USD, and each case contains six of these in what should have been pristine condition, so it’s not too far fetched for a wealthy individual to pay a slight premium. Unfortunately, Logan Paul’s purchase didn’t quite work out as he planned, since the case, authenticated by the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), turned out to be just a bunch of old G.I. Joe trading card packs.

Air India Plane Stuck Crash Highway Delhi Airport
Transporting an abandoned plane is no easy task, even on an empty highway, but imagine a footbridge directly in your path. That’s exactly what this Air India aircraft encountered after being sold and transported near Indira Gandhi International Airport on the Delhi-Gurugram highway. Unfortunately, this was not an empty highway either, as it blocked traffic for quite a while and caused a lot of rubber necking from the other side. Read more for two videos and additional information.

18-Wheeler Wind Turbine Train Track Crash
H/t: Car Scoops
Sometimes, drivers may overestimate how sharp a turn actually is and may come in too hot, but when you’re behind the wheel of a semi-truck, it could become a nightmare. That’s exactly what happened here, when this 18-wheeler hauling a wind turbine blade rolled over after being struck by a freight train in Luling, Texas this past Sunday. Union Pacific railroad officials said the train collided with the truck around 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 90 and U.S. 183.

Range Rover Evoque SUV Trunk Open Car Wash
H/t: Car Scoops
When you’re driving into an automated car wash, the last thing you’d expect to do is open your trunk, but in the case of a first-generation Range Rover Evoque, doing so is quite easy. The button to open the trunk is located to the bottom left of its steering wheel, and should you be looking for something in that general area, make sure it’s not while a giant roller brush is coming down on your vehicle. Read more to see what happens next.

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Open London Bus
From afar, some may confuse the Tesla Model Y for a Model X, but once the latter’s falcon-wing doors swing open, it’s an entirely different story. They utilize a wide-band radar system to help prevent them from hitting nearby objects when opening or closing. However, this Model X driver in London either didn’t realize that one of their falcon-wing doors was still open or simply distracted when pulling out of the parking spot. Read more to see the aftermath.

Ford F-250 Light Bar Mods FAIL
Photo credit: Conrick via Car Scoops
Some may already know that zombies are sensitive to light, and simply shining your flashlight in their direction causes them to shrink away. In case of a zombie apocalypse, you’ll probably want a vehicle with plenty of lights, or at least as a backup should things go wrong. That’s where this heavily modified Ford F-250 comes in, as it features 18 wide LED light bars and a minimum of 34 smaller LED spotlights.

Smash Tesla Model 3 Screen Driving
Tesla Model 3 owners have probably never thought about smashing their infotainment screen for any reason, and that’s why TechRax is here to show just what happens if you do so while driving. A handheld sledgehammer was used for the job, and the screen is quite resilient, taking many hits before eventually cracking. Eventually, enough of the glass came off to cause the display to have random RGB flashes. Read more for the video and additional information.

Ford F-150 Truck Camper Fail
Photo credit: Car Scoops
Many know that the proper way to install a camper is to first lower the back of it first, then the front, working in increments of a few inches at a time until the camper is resting on the truck. Next, you secure the camper to your truck’s tie-downs with turnbuckles. Then you attach the turnbuckles to both the anchors on the camper and the tie-downs on your truck before tightening them. This person apparently did not read the instructions.