Burned Ferrari 458 Spider Sale
Ferrari first introduced the 458 Spider at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and this convertible variant of the 458 Italia boasted an aluminum retractable hardtop that actually weighs 55-pounds less than a soft roof (Ferrari F430 Spider), and required just 14-seconds for operation. Despite these revisions, it kept the same 0-62 mph acceleration time as the coupé model, but has a lower top speed of 199 mph due to the added weight. Read more for additional pictures of the ash pile and a link to the lot.

Technically speaking, a subwoofer describes a loudspeaker that is specially designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, which are lower in frequency than those which can be generated by a woofer. Many vehicles use just a single subwoofer to enhance the bass, but this one went a bit overboard. So much so that they it apparently caused some destruction. Read more for the video.

Knightscope Police Robot Woman
You’d think a police robot would always be ready to help those in need, but that wasn’t the case when Cogo Guebara tried to summon one’s help. She rushed over to press its emergency alert button after seeing a brawl break out nearby in Salt Lake Park, Los Angeles, but rather than alert actual police offers, HP RoboCop loudly said “Step out of the way,” and then continued to roll away playing an ‘intergalactic tune’, while pausing periodically to say ‘Please keep the park clean.’ Read more for two videos and additional information.

Beverage Cart O'Hare Airport
Jorge Manalang went to work at O’Hare International Airport on Monday and ended up “saving the day in Chicago.” How so? He managed to ram an out-of-control beverage cart on a tarmac with another vehicle before it could harm any of the numerous employees on the ground or the airplane right behind it. Someone managed to capture this event on camera and promptly uploaded it to social media. Read more to watch.

Tesla Model S Driver Asleep
Motorist Dakota Randall from Massachusetts captured a Tesla driver fast asleep behind the wheel while cruising on autopilot at 60mph. Even more bizarre is that the passenger sitting next to him also appears to be sleeping and has their head rested on the safety belt. Tesla Autopilot is essentially an advanced driver-assistance system with lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, automatic lane changes, and the ability to summon the car to and from a garage or parking spot. Read more for the video and additional information.

Power Wheels Philadelphia
Power Wheels come in all shapes and sizes, but they weren’t designed to be street-legal, yet that didn’t stop this man from driving his in rush hour traffic. Sure, these ride-on toy cars are built with realistic features, like FM radios, opening / closing doors, functional hoods, power brakes, as well as both forward / reverse gears, but as you’re about to see, this one seems to have gotten some power upgrades. Read more for the video and additional information.

US Customs Border Protection Computer Down
Photo credit: Ninis Samuel
U.S. Customs and Border Protection computer systems for processing arriving travelers’ passports were reportedly crashed on Friday afternoon, leading to massive delays and lines at airport arrivals halls throughout the country. JFK Airport had Customs agents use backup systems to process passengers manually, but even then, many are waiting hours to just exit the arrival hall. Read more for videos of the madness and additional information.

Teen Pushes BMW Into River
An 18-year-old from Haryana’s Yamunanagar in India was given a BMW for his birthday instead of the Jaguar he requested. So, he did the least logical thing possible…pushed it into a swollen river in a fit of anger. That’s not all, “when the youth was plunging the high-end BMW car into the river, he also made a video and put it on social media,” said a police official. Read more for the news report and additional information.

Opel Audi R8 Knockoff
Photo credit: Car Scoops
An auto enthusiast from Romania decided to turn a 2004 Opel Astra G sedan with 62,758-miles on the odometer into an Audi R8 knockoff of sorts. Fortunately, they’re only asking $2,783 USD, and it comes complete with custom bumpers, grille, side skirts, fenders, lighting units on both ends, quad tailpipes and apparently, 19-inch wheels. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Tesla Model 3 Charging Front Lawn
Photo credit: Car Scoops via WPBF News
What do you do when your electric vehicle is out of juice, and there’s no power outlet nearby? You should never park in a stranger’s front lawn and leech off their electricity for starters. That’s exactly what one Tesla Model 3 owner did in Lake Worth, Floriday. Thankfully, homeowner Phil Fraumeni decided to let the young man off easy. He was first alerted of the vehicle when his gardener asked him in the morning to move the white Tesla on his lawn, and that quickly escalated to a phone call to the police. Read more for another picture and additional information.