While “The Avengers” may have broken several box office records this past weekend, the Harry Potter film series is definitely still one of the most successful ever. The 8-films have brought in $7.7-billion in box office receipts alone, not counting merchandise and DVD sales. We’ve rounded up twenty-five rarely seen behind-the-scenes pictures from the Harry Potter movies for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

25. Excited

24. Nosy

23. Big Idea

22. Riding

21. Around the Corner

20. Wand

19. And…Action!

18. Keep Your Chin Up

17. Fun & Games

16. Pose

15. Nature

14. In the Zone

13. Waiting

12. Smiling

11. Kiss

10. Grounded

9. Troll

8. Layers

7. Running

6. Behind the Camera

5. Not What You Think

4. Outdoors Inside

3. Steps

2. Blood

1. Flying

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