One electronic-device that people don’t really talk about these days is the printer, but that’s only because very few innovative printing technologies have been revealed to the public in the last few years. Continue reading to see three amazing and innovative (yet real) printer technologies.

3. Prepeat

Called Prepeat, this inkless and tonerless printer can write, erase, and then rewrite documents using a special thermal process along with plastic paper. Unfortunately, “each printer comes with a price tag of about $5,517 (500,000 yen), and the plastic sheets come in lots of 1,000 at the price of $3,300.” Such a hefty price tag means that only large paper-users might consider PrePeat. Smaller offices and individual consumers will likely stick with their old-fashioned printer and paper combos for now.


2. Toshiba Tech

Think of this new printing technology from Toshiba Tech as Pilot’s erasable ball-point pens, but on a larger scale. Simply put, this toner’s ink “can be erased, letting you use a sheet of paper up to five times; unlike similar solutions, you don’t need special paper, but you will need one of the compatible copiers.” Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.


1. Memjet

SilverBrook Research has developed a new type of “Memjet” printer technology. The devices use a printhead that consists of individual microchip segments, with each measuring 20mm and containing 6400 nozzles. This enables them to print at speeds of up to 2 pages per second. In the video demo, you’ll see the photo, A4, and wide-format printers in action.



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