For those who are searching for an email provider that keeps spam in your inbox at less than 3%, has SSL turned on by default, allows you to view trusted senders in your inbox, and doesn’t serve targeted ads by scanning your emails, look no further than

3. Modern First-Person Inbox

Minimalism is one thing, but actually having all the features you need at your fingertips is another story, and has just that. Clutter is the number one reason why people may overlook important messages, and to combat that problem, font weight and contrast are used in perfect harmony to ensure that all your emails stay visible. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. also incorporates five instant actions to help speed you through your email. In other words, following up, deleting and / or marking messages as read, can all be accomplished with a single click. To help tidy things up even more, a command bar was implemented to keep commands in one single place and visible at all times. Another useful feature of the command bar is that it’s context-sensitive, so dynamically changes to offer the actions that are relevant in that moment.

Despite its clean, minimalistic interface, maintains all of Hotmail’s easy-to-use integrations, which include photos, videos, and documents that can all be viewed right in the inbox. Yes, viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents without actually having to launch Office is now possible. Plus, users will also get view options to just show only mail from contacts, newsletters, or even social posts. One of the most important features is the ability to add multiple inboxes from other service providers.

2. Richer Privacy

Maintaining your privacy online is harder than ever these days, especially because many email providers scan your emails to serve targeted ads. A welcome change with the new will be the disappearance of display ads when viewing personal emails. That’s right, you won’t see any ads at all when reading messages from your contacts. Nor does Microsoft scan the contents of your mail to target ads to you. Microsoft believes that email shouldn’t force you to trade away your privacy for a free service, so everything you ever read or compose will remain private. They will never use your email contents to serve ads, period. Instead of text ads in the right-panel, you’ll see a recent update from a connectedsocial network, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

1. Skype

Other email providers may have integrated video chat options, but will allow its users to Skype people directly from their inbox. The other person only needs to be running either a Skype app or also using and video calling from the web. Why is the upcoming Skype integration with better than other similar video calling services? Well, they boast 663-million users worldwide, as of September 2011, and are on their way to 1-billion. is a preview of modern email from Microsoft. It has a fresh and intuitive design, connects your email to useful information from Facebook and Twitter, and gives you a smarter inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive. Visit to learn more and connect with us at @Outlook on Twitter.

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