It’s not everyday that you come across a bookcase that doubles as a secret door, complete with Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite facade, but that’s just one of the three awesome home door mods we’ve rounded up for you. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Han Solo in Carbonite Door

Tops on many Star Wars fans’ with lists this holiday season would be this secret Han Solo in Carbonite bookcase door, if it wasn’t just a one-off project. The creator’s “objective was to achieve a hidden door look to mix in [his] love of Star Wars and close off the theater.” Here’s what he has to say: “When my home was constructed I saved some money on interior doors by having archways installed. this is pretty cool for open rooms like my dining room and game room.”


2. Star Trek Door

Instructables user Uiproductions always wanted a piece of Star Trek memorbilia in his house, so what better way to make that dream come true than by building this geeky air-powered door? According to its creator: “with a rough plan in my head, I drew a quick CAD model of the door and the brackets that would connect the pistons to the door halves. I was ready to start purchasing parts.”


1. Animatronic Door

Animatronic doors don’t get much cooler than this. The damage effect is “achieved with a 22-inch LCD monitor, along with a special DVD from Hi-Rez Designs which has DTMF tracks which cue the pneumatics behind the door at just the right time.” Unfortunately, the only thing available for purchase is the DVD and LCD monitor, as you’ll have to build everything else (sans door) from scratch.