Sometimes homemade is the only way to go, and these three gadgets prove it — though one of them is a kit. Whether it be a custom Power Glove or jet, you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Wiimote Power Glove

Plenty of Wii controllers are out there, but this custom-built Power Glove is the first to be compatible with the console — created by a talented Japanese gamer. As you can tell from the video demonstration below, the controller retains wireless functionality and has no problems being detected by the sensor bar.

2. Disintegrator

The problem with most rubber band guns is that they’re only designed to shoot one band at a time. This chaingun, called the Disintegrator, takes care of that problem. It’s comprised of 479-pieces, boasts 24 revolving barrels (288 rubber band capacity), and can shoot up to 40 rubber bands per second.

3. BD-10 Jet

Sure, you’ll need a giant garage, pilots license, and lots more to actually fly this jet, but the BD-10 (DIY kit jet) — is definitely one of the most awesome gadgets you can make at home — should development be continued. The first prototype (N2BD) was completed during 1991 and flown to the Reno Air Races in 1994 to help “drum up business”. Unfortunately, only two examples remain, and both are in an unflyable state.

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